Siddhartha Rewards brings you a wide variety of gift vouchers with over 5000+ options to pick from.

Shop the Best Deals

Get more for your points with our fantastic selection of curated products, featuring the best deals on everything from electronics to fashion, home goods, and more.

How to Earn?

Get more from your banking experience

Earn Siddhartha Rewards points on every transaction with the Siddhartha Bank. Enjoy significant savings on your next purchase.

Bonus Points
Bonus Points

Join Siddhartha Rewards Points for an instant bonus

Enrol in our Siddhartha Rewards Points today and instantly receive (xxx) bonus points. These points can be used to obtain exciting rewards and exclusive perks right away.

Daily Spend
Daily Spends

Your everyday spending can lead to countless rewards

Maximize your daily expenses with our Siddhartha Rewards, which lets you accumulate points on all purchases, from groceries to fuel and beyond.

International Spends
International Spends

Explore the globe and reap limitless benefits

Siddhartha Rewards allows you to earn rewards while traveling the world. Earn points by spending on international transactions, such as flights, hotels, dining, and shopping.

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