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About Us

Welcome to Siddhartha Rewards, the first-of-its-kind loyalty program in Nepal exclusively brought to you by Siddhartha Bank Limited. Siddhartha Rewards is Siddhartha Bank’s bank-wide loyalty program for all Siddhartha Bank customers. Being a part of this program means that you earn Siddhartha Rewards Points on your everyday banking activities, which you can redeem for exciting benefits spread across various categories.

Our program is designed to appreciate and reward your loyalty every step of the way. With our program, earning points is easy and seamless. Every time you make a transaction using your Debit Card, Credit Card, Prepaid Card or Mobile Banking, you automatically accrue points. You can redeem the accrued points for a variety of desirable rewards in the Marketplace.

About Verve Rewards

‘Verve Rewards’ is Verve’s comprehensive rewards program, tailored to your needs, to give you additional benefits and a rich experience every time you transact with your Verve card.

Our rewards are designed to suit your lifestyle and ensure you experience the good life. With Verve Rewards, you can now earn points for using our cards and redeem your points via any of the packages below.


  • Over 900 airlines onboard: with Verve Rewards, you can redeem your tickets online and directly from more than 900 airlines around the world, including low-cost airlines such as flydubai, Air Arabia, Ryanair, and others.
  • Travel on your terms: No dates are out of your reach you can book and travel on any date you choose.
  • Zero restrictions: You can book your ticket even if you are in Nigeria and want to exchange your reward points for a flight ticket from London to Paris, for example, for you, your family, or friends.
  • Comfort over everything: You can register comfortably from the comfort of your home or office.
  • Double benefits: Enjoy additional rewards by earning "extra miles" for airline programs when traveling on their flights and using your Verve Rewards points to book tickets.
  • Hotels: We have partnered with more than 450,000 hotels around the world.
  • Instant booking: Book flights immediately at the touch of a button.

Online store

  • Access thousands of products and appliances from electronics, books, sports supplies, and household items through our partner online stores.
  • Immediate order and order confirmation.
  • Shop online and view all products at any time.
  • Choose from thousands of products from your favourite international brands such as Apple, Sony, Samsung, Toshiba, and others.
  • Products will be delivered to your doorstep anywhere in Nigeria.

Support Information

  • Contact Channels - Phone, Email, Chat with Q, Twitter DM (@iswsupport).
  • Availability and Response time - Available 24 hours.
  • Customer Support email address -
  • Customer Support phone number - 07009065000
  • Customer Support WhatsApp number - +2347009065000

About Verve Rewards

Introducing ‘VerveRewards': Your gateway to a world of tailored benefits and enriching experiences with every Verve Card transaction.

Unlock the good life: Our rewards program is meticulously designed to complement your lifestyle, ensuring you enjoy nothing but the best.

Earn points effortlessly: Simply use your Verve Card and watch your points grow, bringing you closer to extraordinary rewards.

Indulge in your desires: Redeem your points for captivating packages curated exclusively for you.

Experience the exceptional with Verve Rewards today.

About Verve

The story and spirit underpinning our Verve brand mirror the essence of Africa and the fantastic possibilities achievable- if we believe and act!

As Africa’s exchange solution, our heritage is that of a home-grown card, but what’s more defining is our future, which is about leading payments and beyond to uplift Africa. We are committed to taking payments in Africa to new heights, leveraging local understanding to enable a seamless value exchange. We are the keepers of The African Key to Exchange.

The Verve brand embodies possibilities, zest, and the African dream.

You can reach us via email and call

24 hours.

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